Imagine Dragons drop ‘Bad Liar’ ahead of new album release

Imagine Dragons’ new studio album is a few days away from being in the hands of fans, but that’s not stopping the band from unleashing another new song from it. On Tuesday (Nov. 6), the Las Vegas-founded act revealed a fourth song from their upcoming new album, Origins. The new tune is titled “Bad Liar” and can be streamed above.

“Bad Liar” will join previously released tracks “Machine,” “Zero” (also featured in the upcoming Disney/Pixar film “Ralph Breaks the Internet”), and current radio staple “Natural” on the fourth studio effort. Origins is due out Nov. 9 through Interscope Records and is the sister album to their 2017 release, Evolve. Pre-orders for the upcoming record are currently available on Imagine Dragons’ website.

In support of the new album’s release, the band previously announced plans to host a massive event prior to its Friday due date. Titled the Origins Experience, the event will take place in the group’s hometown of Las Vegas on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Fans who managed to obtain tickets to the event will most likely be given the opportunity to hear some several new songs live.

Back in October, the band posted a short video online announcing the one-night event. The 20-second clip was vague, only revealing the date of the event, the location of the event, and a direct link to the band’s website. On the other side of the link is a web page with instructions on how fans can get tickets for the upcoming event.

All fans needed to do was interact with the band’s new dragons bot on Facebook.

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