Good Charlotte channel ‘Rocky’ with ‘Self Help’ music video

Good Charlotte is knee-deep in their current North American Generation RX tour, but that’s not stopping the band from giving fans a brand new music video. On Thursday (Oct. 25), the Baltimore-founded band unleashed the clip for their latest single, “Self Help.”

The three-and-a-half-minute video follows the protagonist, a boxer, as he trains for a major boxing match. Throughout the clip, the viewer watches as he trains in a gym hitting some punching bags, gets his cardio on by jogging across town and even climbs some steps alla Rocky, is seen practicing his punching skills in the middle of a sidewalk, and even gets some hand-to-hand training from a fellow boxer.

In between the shots of the protagonist’s journey from the street of Los Angeles to his major boxing match is footage of Good Charlotte performing the song from a darkly lit room. In one shot, you can see the words “Achieve. Believe. Dream.” on some stairs the protagonist is climbing, sending a reassuring message to the viewer. Watch the Jake Stark-directed clip above.

“Self Help” joins previously released tracks “Prayers,” “Shadowboxer,” and “Actual Pain” on Good Charlotte’s recently released record, Generation RX. The album, the group’s seventh studio album, was released in September via the band’s record label MDDN/BMG. Generation RX is the follow-up to the band’s first post-hiatus album, 2016’s Youth Authority.

In support of the new album, Good Charlotte are currently in the middle of their North American Generation RX tour with Sleeping With Sirens, Knuckle Puck, and the Dose. Those tour stops can be found here.

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