Watch: Weird Al Yankovic channels Weezer frontman in ‘Africa’

If you couldn’t escape Weezer’s cover of Toto’s “Africa” this summer, then you weren’t alone. Since its debut earlier this year, the song has managed to infiltrate not only rock radio stations across the country, but also the music charts (it currently hold the number five spot on Billboard‘s Rock Song chart). The one thing quartet never released was an official music video for the tune, but that’s all changed. On Monday (Sept. 24), the California-founded band finally gave us the music video for the track following months of only having the studio and live versions of the cover.

If you were expecting to see any member of Weezer in the clip, then we have some bad news for you. Instead, the group enlisted some stand-ins to take their place while “Weird Al” Yankovic takes on the role of frontman Rivers Cuomo. Decked out in a button down shirt, tie, cardigan, and Cuomo’s iconic geeky glasses, Yankovic’s interpretation of the singer is a major throwback to the group’s video for “Buddy Holly.”

The comedian plays his role so well that it’s quite surprising that it’s not actually Cuomo behind the microphone.

The four-minute video features the band just playing the song on a sound stage in front of a blue backdrop that is similar in shade to the background used for the cover over their Blue album.

Watch the Brendan Walter and Jade Ehlers-directed clip above.

Last week, Weezer released their first original new song in almost a year; a track titled “California Snow.” The song is featured on soundtrack for the upcoming film, Spell. The score for the film was composed by Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump.

It was also announced by the band that Cuomo has a special cameo in the film, playing the role of the protagonist’s therapist. Spell made its debut this past weekend at the LA Film Festival.

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