Watch Panic! at the Disco reach for the sky in ‘High Hopes’

If you had “high hopes” that Panic! at the Disco would release a music video for one of the best songs on their recently released record, then you’re in luck. On Monday (Aug. 27), the Las Vegas-founded band unleashed the music video for their latest single, “High Hopes.” The over-three-minute clip acts as a sequel to the group’s previous music video for “Hey Look Ma, I Made It.”

The clip begins with frontman Brendon Urie stepping out a Lyft, dressed in a snazzy suit, looking around Los Angeles like some clear-eyed kid from the middle of nowhere. As he makes his way down the street, staring at all the skyscrapers around him, he bumps into people who are rushing on with their lives. As Urie reaches one particular glass skyscraper, he begins to climb the side of the building as if he were Spider-Man.

As he walks his way to the top, the camera pans to a crowd of people gathered on the ground floor, taking video of the scene. Once Urie makes it to the top, he hops on the roof and is greeted by the other members of Panic! at the Disco who are playing the tune.

If the shots of Urie on the roof surrounded by skyscrapers and a setting sun may look familiar, then you’d be onto something; it’s a recreation of the cover art for Pray for the Wicked.

“No matter how hard your dreams seem, keep going. You might even have to climb up the side of a building in downtown LA, but it’ll all be worth it at the top,” write Urie on social media.

Check out the music video for “High Hopes” above.

“High Hopes” is featured on Panic! at the Disco’s recently released record, Pray for the Wicked. The group recently wrapped up the North American leg of their Pray for the Wicked tour.

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