Listen: Bring Me the Horizon start a cult with ‘Mantra’

After an intense publicity cycle behind their at-the-time-rumored new song which included billboards, telephone numbers, and a disturbing message on the other side of that line, Bring Me the Horizon have returned with the new track. On Tuesday (Aug. 21), the British band debuted their first new song in over three years; a track titled “Mantra.” The song made its worldwide debut on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show where it was also chosen as the “Hottest Record in the World.”

In addition to the song’s exclusive premiere, Mac spoke with frontman Oli Sykes about the new song.

“It’s basically…we’ve gone off and recorded some stuff and this is the first thing we’ve wanted to show people as our return,” said Sykes about the almost-four-minute song.

“It’s quite a lot different, but it’s also got similarities as to what people expect from us. It’s the right song to show people first.”

Listen to “Mantra” above.

During the sit down, Mac also asked Sykes something fans have been questioning over the course of the last three years: does the band have a new album completed or are they currently working on one?

“Um…I don’t want to say ’cause…well, I say I don’t want to say, but I don’t care, but yeah, we’re definitely working on stuff. We got something exciting to announce in the next couple of days and, I think I’ve been told, on our website we’ll have some more information.”

Listen to Mac’s complete interview with Sykes here.

The new song comes weeks after cryptic messages on behalf of the band began to appear. First, billboards with the now confirmed lyrics “Do you want to start a cult with me?” began to appear in central London, and other locations soon after. then, fans were given a phone number to call which would connect them with an “operator” with unsettling recordings which would change on a daily. Then, a website link appeared which led fans to a site with information about an apparent cult, which states that “salvation will return on Aug. 21.”

Though the band has yet to confirm any more new music or even a new album, “Mantra” does mark the first new song from Bring Me the Horizon since the release of 2015’s That’s the Spirit.

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