All Time Low drop tasty new video for ‘Birthday’

While some people are not big fans of getting surprises for their birthdays, All Time Low are the complete opposite, giving fans a major surprise to jump-start their week.

On Monday (Aug. 13), the Baltimore-founded band unleashed the music video for their latest single, “Birthday.” The almost-four-minute clip begins with all four guys (Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson) locked inside what looks to be a dark and dingy janitor’s closet. While the lights are out, the viewer watches as each member is passed out, tied down to a chair, and wearing a party hat.

Once the lights are turned on, the guys (and the viewer) find themselves inside of a room painted in a combination of pastels colors that would make the 1980s version of Miami Vice jealous. Seated in the middle of the room on a random table is a three-layer cake with a flamingo sparkler on top. After spending some time struggling to get loose from their binds, someone dressed as a panda walks into the room with a mini blowtorch in hand.

For a second, it looks like the panda is going to set all four guys on fire, but instead, he makes his way over to the cake to light the flamingo sparkler. After some time, the boys find themselves seated around the flamingo cake all dressed in white, eagerly awaiting some of that tempting cake. Since this is an All Time Low music video, by the end of the clip there is birthday cake flying everywhere. Watch the music video for “Birthday” above.

“Birthday” is one of two new songs All Time Low released earlier this year. While the band has yet to confirm or deny whether both “Birthday” and “Everything is Fine” will be featured on a new record, they have announced an exclusive Everything is Fine on Your Birthday 7-inch vinyl. The limited-edition vinyl (only 2,500 are available worldwide) is available on the band’s website.

In support of the new set of tunes, All Time Low are currently on tour with Dashboard Confessional and gnash for the first leg of their joint The Summer Ever After tour while the second leg will begin at the end of September.

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