Ice Nine Kills bring ‘Friday the 13th’ to life in ‘Thank God It’s Friday’

When Ice Nine Kills said they were going to release a brand new music video on Friday the 13th, it was easy for fans to assume that the new clip would be highly influenced by the horror film franchise. Well, fans were not disappointed when the group took them to Camp Crystal Lake in the almost-ten-minute clip. On Friday (July 13), the Massachusetts-founded band debuted the music video for their latest single, “Thank God It’s Friday.”

The newly released clip picks up a short time after the video for “The American Nightmare.” The clip begins with a live news broadcast on a television screen. The reporter stands in front of what appears to be a sleep-away camp as he tell the harrowing details surrounding the death of seven camp counselors at a Texas camp.

The footage shifts from the screen to the inside of frontman Spencer Charnas’s psychiatrist’s office where the musician sits for his second session. Coincidentally (or maybe not), the singer recaps for the doctor what he and his band mates were up to while in San Antonio (trying to pee on the Alamo alla Ozzy, apparently).

Charnas continues to tell the shrink that his nightmares had returned once the band began touring again. When the psychiatrist asks whether it’s the same dream, Charnas tell him that everything had changed. To begin, he and his band mates were now in the dreams. Secondly, the nightmares now include both the psychiatrist’s receptionist and his colleague. Thirdly, the whole setting had changed from a small town to a camp where everyone is a camp counselor.

Charnas describes the nightmare to the shrink, making sure to include how it always begins with him hearing the voices of dead counselors from the past warning them that death is coming. As the band begins to play the new tune in the middle of a dark forest, the viewer watches as they recreate Friday the 13th.

The video is filled with nods to the horror film including their version of Camp Crystal Lake, people getting easily murdered, half-naked co-eds running in the woods, and no-so-happy ending for most of the camp counselors. Oh yeah, and you cannot forget the Pamela Voorhees voice over where she accuses the counselors of being the reason her son is dead.

Once the performance portion of the video ends, the viewer watches as Charnas’ shrink tries to get to the root of the nightmares. Charnas, for his part, tries to avoid going deeper by citing that the hour is almost over. While Charnas disappears at the end of his session, his psychiatrist still insistently tells his colleague that he thinks his patient is a serial killer. Little does he know, Charnas is spying on him from across the street. Talk about creepy.

Watch the music video for “Thank God It’s Friday” above.

“Thank God It’s Friday” will join “The American Nightmare” on Ice Nine Kills’ upcoming new album, The Silver Scream. The new album, the band’s fifth studio record, is set to be released on Oct. 5 through Fearless Records. Pre-orders for the album are currently available here.

In support of the new songs, the four-piece is currently on the final Vans Warped Tour. Those tour dates can be found here.


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