The 1975’s manager discusses band’s upcoming double release

The 1975 surprised fans last month when they announced plans to release not one, but two new studio albums between now and early 2019. While their longtime followers were grateful for the announcement, it makes some wonder how this decision was reached. During a recent interview with Music Week, Jamie Oborne —the band’s longtime manager— discussed how the decision to release two albums was accomplished.

“We’re doing things a little bit differently in this campaign,” Oborne begins. “Very early on, Matthew [Healy, frontman] noted that the promotional window on music is shorter than ever, and the time that people consume it is infinite. He felt very strongly that, if we have a tour cycle that’s going to last 18 months to two years, we have to release two records in the time that we would have previously have released one.”

Prior to the announcement, which came after months of cryptic teasing from the band, the group’s fans were just happy to finally get some new music. The fact that the four-piece decided to given them some extra new tunes was just an added bonus.

The two-album release comes more than a year after Healy unveiled the name and potential time frame for the new LP. During an interview in April of 2017 with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show, he told the DJ: “The next record’s called Music for Cars. That’s the title and it references our second EP or our third EP.”

While the original title for the forthcoming album was supposed to be Music for Cars, Healy decided to give the monkier to the band’s new era. The quartet’s third studio album will be titled A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships while their fourth studio album will be titled Note on a Conditional Form.

According to Oborne, the 1975 will release a new song a month leading up to the release of A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. The impending release is slated to be debut some time during the fourth quarter of this year. The third studio album’s release will coincide with the group’s live return in January. While A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships should be released some time this year, Note on a Conditional Form will reportedly see a release time frame of spring 2019. Both albums will be released via Dirty Hit in conjunction with Polydor.

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