Listen: Billie Joe Armstrong’s the Longshot drop new EP

“What is up with all the cryptic messages Billie Joe Armstrong has been posting on Instagram?”

This may be one of the many questions fans of the Green Day frontman have been asking for weeks. On Thursday (April 12), longtime followers finally got an answer when the musician unveiled he has been working on a side project named the Longshot. In addition to confirming the name of his side band, Armstrong also released the group’s self-titled EP.

The three-song EP comes as a huge surprise to anyone who has been following the cryptic clues left behind by Armstrong. The new music was not only quietly released on a Wednesday (new music is typically released on Fridays), but there was also no prior announcement.

While the three songs can be found on a wide variety of DSPs, the tunes are currently streaming on YouTube. Listen to “Love is for Losers” above.

Back in February, the band posted an image on their official Instagram page which featured what appeared to be four song titles; “Taxi Driver,” “Love is for Losers,” “Chasing a Ghost,” and “Body Bag.” As it turns out, three of those scribbled-down titles ended up becoming the songs featured on the recently released record.

For those wondering whether or not this will be a full-time thing for Armstrong or if a complete studio album will come in the near future, a caption on the band’s Instagram says it all. “New album ‘Love is for Losers’ coming eventually sooner or later. Probably sooner.”

While we now have a total of three songs from the Longshot, there is still a lot questions listeners have including who is officially in the band (aside from Armstrong of course). There is some speculation that Armstrong’s son, Joey, is the drummer thanks to an Instagram posting, but no confirmation has been made.

This isn’t Armstrong’s first time pursuing a side project during Green Day’s down time. To date, he’s been a part of the Foxboro Hot Tubs, SWMRS, and Pinhead Gunpowder while also joining forces with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong (no relation) to form the Armstrongs.

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