Coheed and Cambria sign with Roadrunner Records, tease new album

Back in February, Coheed and Cambria announced they would be hitting the road alongside friend band Taking Back Sunday for a summertime excursion. Typically, when a band decides to hit the road during the hottest months of the year, it means that something big should be expected from them in the near future. On Wednesday (April 4), Coheed and Cambria officially announced that they had joined the Roadrunner Records family.

The band made the announcement the only way they know how to; with a mini theatrical video. The one-minute clip, which could easily fit in to the world of Friday the 13th, begins with grainy footage of a pair of hands working on something. Since the video is all about being mysterious, the viewer is not privy to the identity of the item. About 20 seconds into the clip, a gravelly voiced narrator begins to speak and the viewer is finally able to get a full look at what the creepy pair of hands were working on; a hockey mask.

Towards the end of the clip, the camera zooms out and the viewer gets a full look at the hockey mask which has the words “call your mother” scribbled on it. The screen goes black only to return with “Roadrunner Records” and the year 2018 appearing on the screen in white. Watch the “Call Your Mother” clip above.

The inclusion of 2018 in the video only adds speculation that the band will release new music sometime this year. Coheed and Cambria’s last studio album was 2015’s The Color Before the Sun. The still-unconfirmed album will be the group’s ninth studio album and first to be officially released through Roadrunner; their fifth studio record, Year of the Black Rainbow, was released through Roadrunner in Europe.

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