Watch Blessthefall possess a television in ‘Sleepless in Phoenix’

Weeks after the release of their sixth studio album, Blessthefall have returned with the music video for another track from the record. On Monday (April 2), the Arizona-founded band unleashed the official clip for their latest single, “Sleepless in Phoenix.” The almost four-and-a-half minute clip begins with a man bargaining with a woman over the price of an old-fashioned television.

“I’ll give you five bucks,” the man tells the seller. “Fine. You look like you only have five bucks,” the woman says, finally accepting his offer. As the man goes on his way, the television’s screen begins to randomly flicker. Not noticing anything, the owner goes on his way, ending up in a motel. Once in his room, he plugs in the televison only to be assaulted by images of the band stuck inside to the television.

The television ends up going on a major journey, as the owner tries to remove the spirits of the band members from the possessed television. The owner goes as far as to throw the small box into a swimming pool and then have a psychic try to rid the spirits out of it.

“It was pretty awesome filming this video about Phoenix while we were actually in Phoenix,” said frontman Beau Bokan about the clip.

“The whole concept is about a dude who buys a possessed TV and he can’t get rid of it! We wanted sort of a Black Mirror/Twilight Zone vibe. Since the narrative and the performance are happening at the same time, you’ll have to watch this multiple times to catch it all! This is one of the coolest videos we’ve ever made.”

Watch the music video for “Sleepless in Phoenix” above.

“Sleepless in Phoenix” joins the band’s previously released tracks “Wishful Sinking,” “Cutthroat,” and “Melodramatic” on their recently released record Hard Feelings. Hard Feelings was released on March 23 through Rise Records, landing at the number 54 spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

In support of the new album’s release, the group will embark on a spring tour alongside Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria. The complete list of upcoming tour dates can be found here.

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