Listen: Sade releases ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ contribution

Solider of love Sade is back! Last month, it was confirmed that the songstress would be one of the many artists to be featured on the upcoming A Wrinkle in Time soundtrack, concluding her eight-year hiatus from the music world. On Wednesday (March 7), Sade’s new song, “Flower of the Universe” was officially unveiled to an eagerly awaiting public.

According to the film’s director, Ava DuVernay, Sade’s song had such an impact on DuVernay that she ended up using some of the lyrics from the song in the actual film.

“My creative partnership with Sade on ‘Flower of the Universe’ was so connected that I reverse engineered the usual process and used her lyrics as actual dialogue within the film,” the director said in a press statement. Listen to “Flower of the Universe” above.

In addition to Sade, the A Wrinkle in Time soundtrack will feature music from Demi Lovato, Sia, Chloe x Halle, and Kehlani. Both the soundtrack and the film are set to be released this Friday, March 9.

A Wrinkle in Time is based on the 1962 novel by Madeleine L’Engle. The story follows 13-year-old Meg on a quest to find her missing father that leads her on an otherworldly voyage across dimensions.

As for Sade, the songstress’ last studio album was 2010’s Soldier of Love. After releasing the record, she went on hiatus. This isn’t the first time the musician has gone on hiatus following the release of a new album. After the release of 2000’s Lovers Rock, she did the same and went on a musical hiatus.

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