Hawthorne Heights return with new album, debut new song

It feels like it’s been years since anyone has heard anything from the Hawthorne Heights camp, but now, things are about to change. On Thursday (March 1), the Ohio-founded band announced the release of Bad Frequencies; their fifth studio album. Bad Frequencies is set to be released on April 27 through the band’s new home of Pure Noise Records which is a surprising move.

Hawthorne Heights have had a rocky relationship at best with record labels which is why when they decided to self-release their last albums, it wasn’t much of a surprise. According to the band, the decision to sign with Pure Noise came after following the label and seeing who they have on their roster and how they approach/treat new music releases.

“We’ve followed Pure Noise for years, and have always been impressed with how they release records, and the bands they choose to sign,” the band said in a statement. “We really believe Bad Frequencies is one of the best things that we’ve created as Hawthorne Heights, so we wanted to give it every possible chance at success. After a few conversations with Jake [Round, owner], we knew everything would come together quickly, and that it would be a fun project for both the band and the label.”

As if announcing a new record, its release date, and a new record label to call home wasn’t enough, the group has also unleashed the new album’s lead single, “Pink Hearts.” If the first line of the song sounds oddly familiar to you, then you would definitely be onto something. “You know you already kill me / You know you kill me well,” is a definite throwback to the group’s breakout song, “Ohio is for Lovers” from 2004’s The Silence In Black And White.

Unlike “Ohio is for Lovers,” which has become a quintessential emo song, “Pink Hearts” sounds a lot more upbeat even though the subject matter may be a little more serious.

“If we try, we can stay young forever, but I’m not sure we actually want to,” frontman JT Woodruff begins to explain about the subject of the new song. “‘Pink Hearts’ is about burning through relationships, because you are selfishly having fun when you are young. Eventually you have to wake up and grow up, and hope that you haven’t cut someone too deep.” Listen to “Pink Hearts” above.

Pre-orders for Bad Frequencies are currently available here.

In support of the new record, Hawthorne Heights recently announced a tour which will find them touring across the continent throughout the spring and summer months. The tour will kick off on April 18 in Albany, NY and will conclude two months later on June 30 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Hitting the road alongside the band will be Listener, Hotel Books, Sienna Skies, and Heavy Things.

The complete list of tour dates can be found here.

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