Florence and the Machine to reportedly release new album in 2018

Should fans be expecting a new Florence and the Machine album soon? If all the evidence presented by Binaural turns out to be true, which let’s be honest all fans want it to be, then the answer is definitely. On Friday (Feb. 9) Binaural, a Spanish music blog, posted an interview with Virgin Records CEO Ted Cockle in which he all but confirmed the upcoming release.

In the interview, Cockle is asked by Virgin boss, Richard Branson, about which musician’s release he is the most excited about.

“We are looking forward to great new music from Florence + the Machine, Blossoms, CHVRCHES, James Bay and Shawn Mendes,” Cockle reveals to Branson in the interview

But if Cockle’s answer to Branson’s question isn’t enough to get you ready to put some flowers in your hair and dance around to the “Dog Days are Over” or “Shake it Out,” then maybe some proof from a frequent Florence and the Machine collaborator may help. As also pointed out by Binaural, a biography page for composer-producer Sally Herbert was updated recently to include her latest project; working on the string arrangement for the group’s upcoming album. Herbert previously worked with the United Kingdom-founded act on their last studio album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

While the group hasn’t released any new music in almost three years, they do have two shows lined up for later this year; the Orange Warsaw Festival in Warsaw, Poland and Melt! Festival in Ferropolis, Germany.

As for Welch, the songstress has been keeping herself occupied with other things aside from the band. In October of 2017, she hosted a radio documentary celebrating the 40th anniversary of David Bowie’s highly influential album, Heroes. As if hosting a show in honor of one of the biggest musical influences ever wasn’t enough, Welch will also be releasing her first book, Useless Magic, on the summer.

The yet-to-be-confirmed album will be the follow-up to the group’s 2015 release, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.


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