Watch Melanie Martinez channel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for new video

Two years after releasing her debut album, Cry Baby, Melanie Martinez has returned to treat fans to the final music video from the previously released record. On Friday (Sept. 22), the New York-based artist released the music video for the final single, “Mad Hatter.” As the title of the track implies, the clip finds the singer in a theatrical and creepy version of Alice in Wonderland.

The four-and-a-half minute clip begins with Martinez sitting on a bed in a bubblegum pink and white room smoking a cigarette. At first glance, all that is on the bedside table is an ash try, but as the camera shifts back to the table, a glass bottle appears. Like the viewer, Martinez looks at the bottle confused, but decides to drink the liquid as the note attached encourages. Almost instantly, the liquid starts to take effect as two women with buggy black eyes stare down at the artist. As she closes her eyes, everything goes black for her and the viewer.

As the song picks up, the viewer finds themselves in a room with a life-size Jack in the Box. Out of the box pops Martinez, which begins the viewer’s trip down the dark and twisted rabbit hole.

As noted by a press statement and accompanying caption on YouTube, Martinez conceived, wrote, and directed the clip as well as designed all of her costumes. Watch the music video for “Mad Hatter” above.

“Mad Hatter” is featured on Martinez’s debut album, Cry Baby. The album which was released in August of 2015, debuted at the number six spot in the Billboard 200 chart and spent 108 consecutive weeks on the chart. the album also earned the number one spot on Billboard’s “Top Alternative Albums” chart and the number five spot on the “Top Albums” chart.

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