Plain White T’s celebrate return to Fearless Records with new song

It’s been a few years since the Plain White T’s released any new music, but today, it looks like things have changed. On Thursday (April 27), the Illinois-founded band unleashed a brand new song titled “Land of the Living.” The music video, which made its debut on Billboard (read the full the full story here), finds a veteran, and among other older people, living in a retirement home. Every day, the residents are given the chance to live life through a virtual reality. The protagonist of the video, gets the chance to participate in a drag show and then become a member of the Plain White T’s.

When the VR begins to malfunction, the older gentleman decides to stop living via some VR goggles and make his virtual reality, real.

The almost-four-minute clip came together when Project Greenlight Studios opened a competition for fans and aspiring directors to pitch ideas. Filmmaker Melanie D’Andrea’s idea stood out from all the other submissions because it mixed the theme of not achieving your dream with virtual reality.

“The video is set in a place that we feel is a place of no return, a place of lost hope,” D’Andrea explained to the publication about her winning idea. “If in this place, great changes and magic can happen — then what are we all waiting for?” Watch the music video for “Land of the Living” above.

As if getting a brand new song and its accompanying music video wasn’t enough to satisfy fans, the group also announced that they would be returning to their original record label home of Fearless Records. In 2005, the band made the decision to leave Fearless Records in favor of Hollywood Records because they felt it was the right career move for them. Sadly, the relationship between the Disney-backed label and the band went south.

“With majors, it’s all about the bottom line,” frontman Tom Higgenson admitted to Billboard. “Even though we had a big hit with every album we put out for them, for whatever reason, it was like, ‘This quarter, it doesn’t make sense. We’ve got Selena Gomez out,’ or whatever it was. It was a bummer that fell apart.”

In 2015, the band self-released their seventh studio album, American Nights, but it wasn’t a success. Instead of staying in limbo, the band decided it might be time to head back to their original home of Fearless Records. “[Going back to Fearless] really was like going back to the people you know believe in you, and they got your back no matter what,” he said.

Mirroring Higgenson thrilled sentiments about returning to Fearless was label president, Bob Becker. “The Plain White T’s have not only have been one of the most successful bands ever on Fearless, but the most hard-working, humble and nicest bands to work with,” he said to the publication. “When we saw that they where interested in working with us again, we jumped at the chance.”

While at the time there doesn’t seem to be a mention of a new album,”Land of the Living” and having Fearless once more behind their back may result in a brand new album. Fans will just have to keep an eye out for it.

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