Listen: The Word Alive unleash ‘Misery’

It’s going to be a year since The Word Alive released their last album, but now the band is giving fans something to hold them over until their next studio album. On Thursday (March 9), the Arizona-founded released a surprise new track for their dedicated fan base. The new song is titled “Misery” and can currently be streamed above.

For fans hoping that the new song would mean a brand new album announcement may be on the horizon, they may need to wait a little longer. According to frontman Telle Smith, “Misery” is supposed to be a bridge connecting Dark Matter and the new tunes they are currently in the process of writing. “We wanted to bridge the gap between our newest album, Dark Matter, and the writing process of what will become our fifth studio album,” Smith explained.

“It’s incredible to know the exact direction we will be exploring with our next record before writing even one song. After Warped Tour, it was clear that we had something special with our newer material, especially songs like ‘Trapped,’ ‘Made This Way,’ and ‘Dreamer.’ We wanted to morph those songs into something that would be an extension of those three songs in particular. Heavy, ambient, ominous at times, and much more personal than our previous material.”

While Smith didn’t give any further information on what the status is of those new songs they are writing, it could mean that fans are one step closer to hearing new material. The release of “Misery” comes several months after drummer Luke Holland announced his departure. Holland unveiled the new back in November of 2016, but did tell fans that he would stick with the band until the end of their “Overdose” tour.

Currently, The Word Alive is on tour supporting Asking Alexandria on their European tour.

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