Listen: New Politics drops new single ‘One of Us’

Over the past week, the guys of New Politics have been taking to social media to tease that something by the name of “One of Us” would be released at the end of the week. After days of teasing, the group finally unveiled what they had up their sleeves. On Friday (March 10), the Denmark-founded band unveiled their brand new song; a song titled “One of Us.” The anthemic, fist-pumping song can be streamed above.

In an interview with Alternative Press, New Politics drummer Louis Vecchio, explained how the new song came together and what it’s about. “‘One Of Us’ came about, and it resonates with me so much, about things that are going on in the world today, but it wasn’t written with that in mind,” begins the drummer.

“It [was] written from a really good place. We’re friends—we got to write this record in Brooklyn where we were living at the time. It was just a hangout session in our home studio, being together. That’s what this song really [says], that we were all just together.”

In the same interview, Vecchio was asked whether “One of Us” is a teaser of what to expect from the band’s still-unconfirmed new record. According to him, it “follows pretty well” with the rest of the album and that fans should expect a “very mature album” for the band when the new record is released. Read Vecchio’s complete interview here.

“One of Us” is the band’s first new tune since the release of 2015’s Vikings. While there has been no confirmation of a new album or a projected release date, we can assume that a new album could be seen in the near future.

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