Watch Imagine Dragons’ frontman battle his inner self in ‘Believer’

Imagine Dragons released their brand new song “Believer” back in January and like all their previous singles, the song became a hit. On Tuesday (March 7), the Las Vegas-founded band released the music video for the tune. The music video finds frontman Dan Reynolds fighting it out against Swedish actor, Dolph Lundgren.

The over three and a half-minute clip finds Reynolds fighting Lundgren in a boxing match. While the battle is going on, we see a little blonde boy sitting on a chair with a drawing pad in front of him. As the rumble goes on, the little boy is seen manically scribbling in the notebook. According to Reynolds, the song and video are about “finding a place of peace and self-confidence. The video depicts a man facing his inner self, the toughest critic of all, while paying homage to some of the classic movies we grew up with.”

With Reynolds description of the video, it’s only fitting to assume that the little boy is supposed to represent the younger version of the singer while Lundgren is supposed to represent the older version of himself that keeps knocking him down. The Matt Eastin-directed video can be seen above.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the music video, Reynolds revealed that getting Lundgren wasn’t that hard. “He’s a friend of a friend, but we basically cold called him. He was into it once we told him he could punch me in the face.”

As for Lundgren, he jokes that Reynolds was a worthy opponent. “Once we got into it, he did very well. And actually took a few solid punches that would have shaken Rocky Balboa.”

Imagine Dragons is currently in the middle of finishing up their third studio album. “Believer” is the lead single off the still-untitled record.

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