From First to Last confirms return of Sonny Moore

For the past couple of months, fans of From First to Last have been debating whether or not vocalist Sonny Moore had officially returned to the outfit following a decade since his departure. Last summer Moore who we all know better as Skrillex, ignited the rumor fire when he played a snippet of a new song that sounded very From First to Last-ish on his Beats 1 radio show. Then, in January, the group and the DJ released a joint song titled “Make War.”

A few days after the song’s debut, which happened on Moore’s 29th birthday, the group performed the new song live for the first time during Los Angeles’ popular Emo Night LA event. That night, the group surprised the group by bringing out Moore for a several songs. On Tuesday (Feb. 28), the group may not officially confirmed the DJ’s return, but it might as well be. All From First to Last’s social media profiles now sport a brand new image of the band which features Moore front and center. In addition to the new photo, the band’s biography section has been updated to now to include Moore’s handle. Alongside the new image, the group posted a simple caption which reads “2017 Vibes <3,” on Instagram.

It’s not like there hasn’t been much teasing for the From First to Last or even Moore. During a pre-Grammys interview in early February, Moore spoke to Alternative Press where he gave a coy response to their question about being back in the band. “I left the band, but I would say I’m not left anymore.”

Moore’s return to the group comes almost a decade after he exited the lineup; in 2007, he decided to leave the band due to a vocal cord injury. His last show with From First to Last took place in October of 2006 in Orlando. Moore is mostly remembered for contributing vocals to the group’s two biggest albums, 2004’s Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count and 2006’s Heroine. In 2009, Moore made his debut in the EDM world with his first solo album, Gypsyhook. Then, in 2010, he re-emerged as Skrillex and released My Name is Skrillex.

As for From First to Last, after Moore’s exit, the band released a total of three other albums; 2008’s self-titled, 2010’s Thorne to the Wolves, and Dead Trees. A couple of months after the release of Thorne to the Wolves, vocalist/guitarist Matt Good announced the band would be going on hiatus so everyone in the group could pursue other endeavors.

Three years after the announcement, Good, drummer Derek Bloom, bassist Matt Manning, and guitarist Travis Richter reunited to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their new record which would go on to become Dead Trees.

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