Watch Coheed and Cambria’s live footage video for ‘Colors’

COHEED AND CAMBRIA To Release First Non-Conceptual Album 'The Color Before The Sun'

With holidays already in full-effect, Coheed and Cambria is giving their fan base an early gift in the form of a brand new music video. On Wednesday (Dec. 14), the New York-founded band unveiled the music video for one of their newer tracks, “Colors.” The almost-five-minute clip, which premiered exclusively on Billboard, gives the viewer the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes. We get to witness the guys rehearsing, warming up for a gig, goofing around backstage, and then hitting the stage for  the type of Coheed and Cambria show fans have grown to expect. All in a days work.

“‘Colors’ brings us to the end of our album cycle, a tribute to all the fans that made it a successful one,” frontman Claudio Sanchez said in a statement. Watch the music video for “Colors” below.

“Colors” is featured on the deluxe edition of Coheed and Cambria’s eighth studio album, The Color Before The Sun: Deconstructed. The record was re-released this past August and gave them an excuse to hit the road with Saves the Day. The original record, The Color Before The Sun, was released back in 2015 and was the band’s first album that was not a concept record. Instead, the album was told from Sanchez’s point-of-view on live events such as fatherhood, feelings of losing a home, and more.

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