Manchester Orchestra keyboardist departs band

After ten years in Manchester Orchestra, longtime keyboardist Chris Freeman has announced his departure from the Georgia-founded band. On Tuesday (Sept. 20), the musician took to the band’s Facebook page to announce he was leaving the band. In his letter, he reveals that his decision to leave the group he had been a part of for a decade came when he realized that he was in a place “in my career where I’ve decided to go down a new path and pursue my own projects. Freeman’s complete post to fans can be read below.

“After much consideration, I would like to announce that my time with Manchester Orchestra has come to an end.

Although I wouldn’t trade the last 10 years for anything, I’ve come to a place in my career where I’ve decided to go down a new path and pursue my own projects. While it’s difficult to say goodbye, I’m equally as excited about the road ahead and the opportunities in front of me. I will miss all of the love that I have felt from our fans, and I want to thank every person that has shared in this journey with me and supported me along the way. I’ll never stop creating art. Thank you guys for always inspiring me.

Much Love,
Christopher Michael Cheese Lightning Freeman”

Fans and the rest of the members of Manchester Orchestra seem to be supportive of Freeman’s decision to exit the band. soon after Freeman made his post, the band took to Facebook, wishing Freeman nothing “but love and all the best in his new horizons.” The band’s short statement about Freeman’s decision to leave can be read below.

“We would like to thank our friend Chris Freeman for his dedication and devotion over the last 10 years as a member of Manchester Orchestra. We wish him nothing but love and all the best in his new horizons.

– Manchester Orchestra”

Freeman’s departure comes two years after Manchester Orchestra released their acoustic album, Hope. While not an official studio record, the album featured the band performing acoustic version of the songs featured on their fourth studio album, Cope.

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