Listen to Taking Back Sunday’s new song ‘Death Wolf’

With a couple of days left until the release of their new album, Taking Back Sunday has unleashed another new song from it. On Monday (Sept. 12), the Long Island-founded band released the lyric video for “Death Wolf,” their third song off of Tidal Wave. The lyric video for the new song begins simply with guitarist/backing vocalist John Nolan in what appears to be his drive way.

The musician goes to his Ford Bronco and begins to pull down the bed of the truck. Once he’s sat on the tail, he pulls out a vinyl and places it on a record player. He turns back around and looks around as if he’s waiting for someone to join him. Lo and behold, a few seconds later, frontman Adam Lazzara appears with a white, plastic grocery bag containing a couple of bottles of beer and a sandwich.

As the duo munch on the sandwich and beers, the lyrics for the rockier tune displays below the otherwise mundane scene. In a way, it’s a nod to those days of just hanging out with your friends doing nothing but stuffing your face and listening to music. Or, for a two guys who are parents, just a few minutes away from the craziness of being an adult. Watch the lyric video for “Death Wolf” below.

“Death Wolf” will join “You Can’t Look Back” and title track “Tidal Wave” on Taking Back Sunday’s upcoming seventh studio album. Tidal Wave is set to be released this Friday, Sept. 16, through Hopeless Records. In support of the new album, Taking Back Sunday previously announced a fall tour which will find them performing at intimate venues across the country. The complete list of tour stops can be found here.

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