Blink-182 release recap music video for ‘She’s Out of Her Mind’

West Palm Beach, FL (Aug. 5) - Blink-182 at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater

West Palm Beach, FL (Aug. 5) – Blink-182 at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater

Blink-182’s summer has been a busy one for the California punk rockers. Between releasing their highly anticipated new album California and hitting the road for a two-month tour, it’s makes you wonder if the guys ever sleep. Last Wednesday (Sept. 7), the group released a video which at first seems to be a recap of their summer excursion. The video begins with footage of Mark Hoppus walking up a lengthy corridor right before their set is about to begin. Halfway down the hall, he turns around and heads in another direction to meet up with All Time Low drummer, Rian Dawson.

After exchanging words, he continues this path. The footage then shifts to Matt Skiba, who is also walking down the corridor, warming up his vocals while drummer Travis Barker is close behind him. The screen goes black and soon, Blink’s logo appears as the cheer from the crowd is heard. As the logo fades, the footage fades in clips of life on the road as “She’s Out of Her Mind” plays. Throughout the video, the viewer gets to encounter a day in the life of Blink-182 from being on a tour bus and seeing nothing but grass and rain to hanging out at a theme park, racing Go Karts. In between the fun and boring parts of their days, we see the band meeting some of their dedicated fans during meet-and-greets and then hit the stage for their highly energetic set. Check out the tour diary/music video for “She’s Out of Her Mind” below.

“She’s Out of Her Mind” is featured on Blink-182’s recently released record, California. California which was released in July, is the band’s second album to hit the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, knocking Drake’s Views out of the top spot after being there for nine weeks. Currently, Blink-182 is in the process of wrapping up their summer tour. The remaining dates can be seen here.

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