A Day to Remember become old men in ‘Naivety’

West Palm Beach, FL (Aug. 5) - A Day to Remember at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater

West Palm Beach, FL (Aug. 5) – A Day to Remember at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater

After having fans wait a little longer than planned for their new album, A Day to Remember’s new record, Bad Vibrations, has finally been released. In honor of the sixth studio album, the five-piece decided to treat fans to a funny video for their latest single, “Naivety”; a complete departure from their previously released videos for track off this album. On Friday (Sept. 2), the Florida-based band unveiled the music video which at first seems to poke fun the media and their click-bait headlines.

As the magazine headlines are shown, it all seems to claim that the group is no longer together. As we see the headlines and magazine covers change, a DJ is heard reporting how a “controversial music manager” managed to get A Day to Remember back together for a reunion tour. Sadly, it sounds like not many people are for the reunion, claiming they are “too old for a reunion tour.”

As the video progresses, we see that ADTR might just be a little too old to be going on a reunion tour, as they are shown completely dressed up as old men. They get into a white van to begin their “much-anticipated” reunion tour. During the trip, we see them flirting with a younger girl (and almost getting beaten up by her boyfriend), purchasing Depends diapers at the local 7-Eleven, and trying to carry all their sound equipment up a flight of stairs. In a way, it’s kind of the guys poking fun at all those people who are claiming that they like “old A Day to Remember better.” Check out the video for “Naivety” below.

“Naivety” is featured on A Day to Remember’s recently released record, Bad Vibrations. The new album hit stores today after the release date was pushed back a couple of weeks due to unforeseen circumstances. Currently, A Day to Remember can be found opening up for Blink-182 on their “California” summer tour. The remaining tour dates can be found here.

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