Thirty Seconds to Mars unleash short teaser clip

While most of the country is preparing to see Jared Leto take on the iconic role of The Joker in Suicide Squad (out this Friday, Aug. 5), it appears that the actor is ready to take on another project. On Monday (Aug. 1), a video was posted on Leto’s band (with brother Shannon Leto and guitarist Tomo Miličević) Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Twitter, beginning the chatter of fans and speculations of new music. The clip, which comes in at 38 seconds, finds the group in what appears to be the desert.

The first half of the video features footage of them rock climbing, driving around in the desert (while giving the middle finger to the others), and hanging around a bonfire. The footage quickly shifts to the guys inside of a house getting down to some serious musical business. The video wraps up with a warped vinyl on what may be the desert sand before going black. As soon as the screen goes black, the band’s triangle symbol appears and is quickly replaced by Interscope Records’ logo (blink and you might miss it). The video then comes to a complete end with the text “COMING 2017” appearing on the screen.

Watch the teaser clip below.

While the band is leaving the video open-ended, the main speculation is that some new 30STM music will be released some time in 2017. Back in November of 2015, Leto posted an image on Instagram of himself in front of a microphone. Recently, Rolling Stone wrote a profile on Leto in which they followed the singer into the studio where he was in the process of recording some new tunes.

Whatever the outcomes is, we know that the Echelon will be excited. Thirty Seconds to Mars’ last studio album was 2013’s Love, lust, Faith and Dreams.

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