My Chemical Romance further elaborate about ‘Black Parade’ reissue

It’s been a week since My Chemical Romance posted their cryptic clip, launching their fans into a frenzy of speculations. The day after the clip was posted, the band took to social media to break the hearts of their fans by denying that there were any plans of a reunion tour and instead that the clip was to announce a reissue for 2006’s The Black Parade. On Thursday (July 28), the band further elaborated about the upcoming re-release.

The Black Parade’s tenth anniversary reissue will be titled The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts. The impending release will include the original version of The Black Parade as well as 11 early version/rough mixes of some of the songs that made it onto the actual album.

“To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Black Parade, we will be releasing a special edition of the album on September 23 that includes the album plus 11 previously unreleased demos, rarities, and songs from The Black Parade recording sessions,” a statement from the band reads.

Pre-orders for The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts are currently available on the band’s website. At the moment, there are two different bundles being offered: a 3-LP vinyl bundle and a CD bundle. Those who pre-order either of the bundles will receive an instant download of “The Five of Us Are Dying,” an early version of what would become “Welcome to the Black Parade.” Listen to the never-before-heard demo of the track here.

The complete track listing for the release can be seen below.


1. “The End.”
2. “Dead!”
3. “This is How I Disappear”
4. “The Sharpest Lives”
5. “Welcome to the Black Parade”
6. “I Don’t Love You”
7. “House of Wolves”
8. “Cancer”
9. “Mama”
10. “Sleep”
11. “Teenagers”
12. “Disenchanted”
13. “Famous Last Words”
14. “Blood (Hidden Track)”

15. “The Five of Us Are Dying (rough mix)”
16. “Kill All Your Friends (live demo)”
17. “Party at the End of the World (live demo)”
18. “Mama (live demo)”
19. “My Way Home is Through You (live demo)”
20. “Not That Kind of Girl (live demo)”
21. “House of Wolves, Version 1 (live demo)”
22. “House of Wolves, Version 2 (live demo)”
23. “Emily (rough mix)”
24. “Disenchanted (live demo)”
25. “All the Angels (live demo)”

As previously announced, The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts is set to be released on Sept. 23 through Warner Bros. The reissue is set to come out an exact month before The Black Parade’s tenth anniversary. The record, the band’s third studio album is arguably the band’s most successful record earning them a number two spot on the Billboard 200 as well as the number one spot on Billboard’s Rock Albums and Tastemakers chart.

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