Brand New unveiled re-recorded version of ‘Out of Range’


Brand New is about to wrap up their massively successful summer tour with Modest Mouse, so what better time than now to release a new song. On Friday (July 22), the Long Island-founded band released another new song, though technically it isn’t all that new. As pointed out by fans, the new song which is titled “Out of Range,” was released a few years ago. The song was then re-recorded and featured as the B-side track on the Mene 7-inch.¬†Listen to “Out of Range” below.

“Out of Range” joins “Mene” and “I Am a Nightmare” as the sole tracks the group has released recently. As of now, the band hasn’t confirmed whether or not any of the songs will be featured on their highly-anticipated new album. In all honesty, not much is known about that upcoming record besides it being their final album and that Procrastinate! Music Traitors will be releasing it.

Earlier this month, the group completed a few unfinished tracks which date back to 2006 and released them as 3 Demos, Reworked.

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