My Chemical Romance tease fans with short clip


Well guys, it looks like The Black Parade news may not be a ten-year anniversary tour after all. A few hours after the initial cryptic clip was uploaded onto My Chemical Romance’s many social media accounts and website, Entertainment Weekly has revealed that the record will be getting the reissue treatment. According to a source who spoke with the entertainment publication, the reissue will feature previously unreleased demo clips. No more information was given so maybe we can still hold out for a massive Black Parade ten-year anniversary tour.

It’s been over three years since New Jersey’s My Chemical Romance called it a day. Since that time, the band members have teased that there could always be a reunion of sorts in the future; if the timing was right. On Wednesday (July 20), the currently-defunct band made headlines when a brand new post was uploaded onto several of their still-active social media accounts. The posts all contained the same thing; a 34-second clip featuring a white flag with a black cross, waving in the wind. As the video comes to an end, the clip of the flag shifts to a white screen displaying the date “9/23/16” in black.

As many fans have already begun to speculate, this could be the band hinting at a potential reunion just in time to celebrate the ten-year anniversary for their third studio album The Black Parade. The record, which earned the band a number two spot on the Billboard 200, was released on Oct. 23, 2006. If the dates closely coinciding weren’t enough to back up the theory, the band’s updated profile picture might. On Facebook and Twitter, their former profile picture has been removed and replaced by a white background featuring the same black cross from the cryptic video. Unlike the clip, the image includes the letters “M,” “C,” “R,” and “X” which can be assumed to stand from “My Chemical Romance 10.”

In addition to the cryptic video and updated social media profile pictures, the band’s website has also been given a face lift. Currently, the website is decked out in white and black and features the video and what appears to be brand new merchandise. According to the website, the band will be releasing new line of merchandise that will be sold exclusively at Hot Topic and on the website.

With more than two months left until the official announcement is made, the most logical explanation behind the video, and the sudden update, is that the band will reunite to celebrate The Black Parade’s momentous occasion. Until then, fans can only hope that a ten-year anniversary tour is in the future. Watch the 34-second clip below.


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