Blink-182 producer opens up about tracks on new album


Now that Blink-182’s highly-anticipated new album, California, is out, it was only a matter of time before the inspirations behind certain songs would be unveiled. Before its release, Fuse got the chance to sit down with California producer, John Feldmann, for a one-on-one explanation about all the tracks on the album. As with any breakups, there seems to be a track on the record that is about a certain former Blink-182 member.

“The history of the song [is about] growing up in San Diego, having so many of their work partners being from San Diego and having a member who lives in San Diego who is no longer in the band…it was a song that Mark didn’t want to write,” explains Feldmann to the publication.

“I brought up the idea that you have to write about shit you don’t want to write about. You have to write about shit that’s right there on the surface. There’s clearly a lot of feelings involved with having a best friend who is not in your band anymore, having a best friend with all that stuff that went down. Every band has these issues. To write a song, now, in their minds, to go back to San Diego, playing shows and tipping their hat to the city that allowed them to be a band.”

To read the complete track-by-track analysis of the new album, head on over to Fuse’s website here.

“San Diego” is featured on Blink-182’s recently released record which hit shelves last Friday (July 1). In support of the new album, the pop-punk giants will hit the road later this summer with A Day to Remember, the All-American Rejects, and All Time Low. The complete list of tour stops for the upcoming trek can be found here.

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