Bring Me the Horizon release live video for ‘Avalanche’


It’s been a couple of months since Bring Me the Horizon released their “controversial” music video for “Follow You.” Now, after a busy spring touring schedule, the group has returned with a brand new music video. On Thursday (June 23), the United Kingdom-based band unveiled the music video for their song “Avalanche.” The video showcases what people should expect from a Bring Me the Horizon show; smoke, good lighting, a sold out crowd, crowd surfers, circle pits, and frontman Oli Sykes interacting with the band’s fans. Check out the music video for “Avalanche” below.

“Avalanche” is the group’s latest song to get the music video treatment. Previously, they released music videos for “Throne,” “True Friends,” “Follow You,” and “Drowned,” though a different version the latter track was given the music video treatment. All the tracks are featured on Bring Me the Horizon’s recently-released album, That’s the Spirit.

Very much like their spring, Bring Me the Horizon’s summer is going to be packed with shows. Tonight, they are scheduled to perform at Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, QC, Canada. After that, they have a long list of shows that will find them performing in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and then right back home to the United Kingdom.

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