New Gorillaz album set for 2017 release


It seems like every couple of months there’s a new rumor about the Gorillaz and when they will release a brand new album or if they will even release a new one. During the weekend (Sunday, June 12, to be exact), it was all but confirmed that the virtual group is leaning towards a 2017 release date. According to a fan-run Instagram account, GorillazNorthAmerica, co-creator, Jamie Hewlett, confirmed the news himself.

“We got Jamie news! This here is HIM and our friend, Linda. Jamie says new Gorillaz is special, really f****n special. Can’t be rushed. 2017, yo,” the caption on the Instagram post reads. This isn’t the first time Hewlett has spoken about the band’s status or about a new album. Back in January 2015, he confirmed that the band was back in action. Then, in the fall, it was confirmed that they were working on some new tunes.  While we wait for some more information, check out the full update directly from GorillazNorthAmerica’s Instagram post below.

WE GOT JAMIE NEWS! This here is HIM and our friend Linda. JAMIE says new GORILLAZ is special, really fuckin special. Can't be rushed. 2017, yo. Fuck. So, guys, that Gorilla Fund, we got time. Go shop, take vacation, that shit aint happening this year. BUT its gonna be all that and more. And….Jamie follows us. So….you got something to say to him and don't wanna get yelled at on his IG by his very serious followers, say it here! HE IS HERE. Watching, reading and digging it. He loves this account and appreciates our repping. #JamieHewlett #JamieSaid #ThoseWords #FuckinAye #Gorillaz #Gorillaz2017 #ThisIsNotOurFace #WeTookThePic #HalfOfUsWasThere #OtherHalfInMontreal #Explanations #DidWeMention #JamieWasMadCool #Animated #Friendly #GangstaToo #HisShow #HisArt #SoCool #Go #IfYouCan

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The Gorillaz last release was 2011’s The Fall.


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