Good Charlotte honor their fans in ‘Life Can’t Get Much Better’ video


As we get closer to the release date for Good Charlotte’s upcoming new record, the band just keeps on giving their fans goodies. On Monday (June 13), the Maryland-based band released another new song from their impending new record, Youth Authority. The lyric video for the new tune, “Life Can’t Get Much Better,” pays homage to the group’s dedicated fans. Making its official debut on Fuse, the video features snapshots of the guys and their fans spanning across years and locations around the world.

“Our success through the years in Good Charlotte has been all about the fans, and this song feels like it really captures the vibe,” guitarist Benji Madden told Fuse. The lyric video for “Life Can’t Get Much Better” can be seen below.

“Life Can’t Get Much Better” will be featured on the pop-punk band’s much-anticipated sixth studio album due out on July 15. Including the new song, the band has released a total of four tracks from the upcoming album. “Makeshift Love,” “Life Changes,” and “40 Oz. Dream” have all previously been released with the latter’s music video making its grand, Last Man on Earth debut last week. Prior to premiering the music video for “40 Oz. Dream,” the band had teased that a lot more Good Charlotte-centric news would be revealed in the upcoming weeks. We can only assume that the new song was part of that long list of good news we have to look forward to.

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