Good Charlotte are the last band on Earth in ’40 Oz. Dream’


With just a month left until the release of their much-anticipated sixth studio album, Good Charlotte is making sure that you don’t forget. On Thursday (June 9), the California pop-punkers released the music video for the record’s lead single, “40 Oz. Dream.” Taking major inspiration from the Will Forte-starring show, The Last Man on Earth, the clip finds the band in the middle of the desert realizing they are truly the “last band on Earth.” The music video follows the group as the head to Los Angeles for the “last show on Earth.”

As they make their way to the city of angels in an old-school RV, we find them acting like a bunch of teenagers pouring beer into an inflatable pool, bowling in the parking lot of a convenience store, riding in grocery carts, playing poker (and losing) to some soccer balls, and more. Even though the band members are full-fledged adults, it’s nice to see that they haven’t lost their teenage mentality. Watch the video for “40 Oz. Dream” here.

“40 Oz. Dream” is featured on Good Charlotte’s upcoming new album, Youth Authority. Youth Authority is set to be released on July 15 through the Madden brothers’ record label, MDDN and in conjunction with Kobalt. Pre-orders are currently available on the band’s website which comes with instant downloads of “Makeshift Love,” “Life Changes,” and of course, “40 Oz. Dream.”

At the moment, the band have been really mum about what other news they have up their sleeves, just telling fans to keep an eye out because some more information will be revealed with time. Even though they performed a handful of shows earlier this year and currently have a short stint on the Vans Warped Tour, we have yet to get a formal tour. Maybe that’s one of the many surprises they’re teasing? Or maybe we’re just hoping too much.

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