Descendents return with ‘Victim of Me’

It’s been a few months since the Descendents announced that they would be returning to Epitaph Records for a brand new record, and now, we have the lead single from the impending release. On Tuesday (June 7), the punk pioneers released “Victim of Me,” one of the many songs to be featured on their seventh studio album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

“I think one of the things that’s kept us inspired over the years is having the music as an outlet for our frustrations,” singer Milo Aukerman explains. “Having the freedom to completely blow my voice out every time I recorded was a very positive experience for me.” Listen to “Victim of Me” below.

In April, the band revealed that they had returned to Epitaph Records armed with a brand new, comeback album. The record, according to the band at the time, would have a summer release which has now been confirmed to be July 29. Hypercaffium Spazzinate marks the band’s first new album since 2004’s Cool To Be You as well as their first album to be released via Epitaph since 1996’s Everything Sucks.

The band made their “comeback” announcement during a secret hometown show in April at the Standing Room in Hermosa Beach, CA. Not only did the show have special meaning because of the new album unveiling, but also because it was their first hometown show in 20 years.

For those who have been waiting patiently since the release of Cool To Be You, pre-orders for Hypercaffium Spazzinate are currently available here. The album art and track listing for the new album can be seen below.

Hypercaffium Spazzinate track listing:

1. “Feel This”
2. “Victim Of Me”
3. “On Paper”
4. “Shameless Halo”
5. “No Fat Burger”
6. “Testosterone”
7. “Without Love”
8. “We Got Defeat”
9. “Smile”
10. “Limiter”
11. “Fighting Myself”
12. “Spineless and Scarlet Red”
13. “Human Being”
14. “Full Circle”
15. “Comeback Kid”
16. “Beyond The Music”

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