Procrastinate! Music Traitors tease release of new Brand New song


Now that it’s been a week since Brand New released a new song, how close are we to that new album fans have been promised? With each passing day, it seems we are not getting answers, but today, we got a little bit of good news to tide us over. On Monday (May 23), the band’s record label, Procrastinate! Music Traitors, release a report of what to expect from the Long Island band. The report details what’s the itinerary for the group which even includes things that have already happened.

To start off, the report makes reference to the “imminent release of single from forthcoming Brand New LP” which has a release date of May 17, 2016; the same day Amazon leaked the name, release date, and 30-second clip of “I Am a Nightmare.” The next bullet is dedicated to a limited-release shirt that went on sale last week and was up for only 24 hours while right after, the news that Brand New will be hitting the Canadian road with mewithoutYou and Greater Pyrenees was detailed.

But while all of that is great news, the best part is found in the last bullet which confirms that we will be getting a new song soon enough. “Additional song from aforementioned album scheduled for release, summer 2016,” it reads. There may not be specific release date for the new song, or even a real confirmation about the new album, but it’s still the best news we’ve gotten.

Check out the complete report from Procrastinate! Music Traitors below.


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