Marianas Trench go to ‘War’ in new music video

Photo by Erica Dominguez

Marianas Trench’s music videos can go one of two ways; they can either be goofy and make you crack up or they can hit you “in the feels” giving you the reason to binge eat a pint of ice cream on your own. It’s never until you press the play button do you know which way the music video for any given song can go. On Friday (May 20), the Canadian group unveiled the music video for their latest single, “This Means War.”

The clip begins in what at first appears to be a page of a comic book, but soon become reality with the band, and some of their “friends” hanging out on a street corner doing what they do. That when things take a West Side Story turn, but instead of it being the Jets and the Sharks going to “war,” it’s a battle of the sexes. Watch the complete video for “This Means War” below.

“This Means War” is featured on Marianas Trench’s recently released record, Astoria. Earlier this week, the Canadian band announced plans to return to the United States for a brand new tour. The summer trek has been named the “SPF 80s” summer tour and will kick off on July 8 at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City and come to a close a little over a month later on Aug. 4 at the House of Blues in San Diego. The complete list of tour dates can be found here.

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