Billy Talent release first new song in years


It’s been a couple of years since Billy Talent has released new music and now, the group has returned with their first single in four years. On Thursday (May 12), the Canadian band joined forces with Alternative Press to release their first single off of their upcoming new album, Afraid of Heights. The new track is the album’s title track.

In an accompanying video, which can be seen here, the band reveal what inspired them to name the new  record “afraid of heights.” “This record is about struggle, both within ourselves and within the society we live,” the voice over in the accompanying video says.

“It’s about asking questions. It’s about friendship and loyalty and it’s about choosing to not accept things that don’t apply to us. That don’t represent us. It’s about believing in the person that’s reflected in the mirror and taking responsibility. It’s about the pressures that society creates and how we’re all trying to figure out where we fit in. It’s about following your dreams and knowing that when you get knocked down you have to get back up. It’s about listening to our planet and learning to respect her. It’s about love and loss and life… but more importantly it’s about the power of ROCK ’N’ ROLL.”

Listen to the audio for “Afraid of Heights” below.

Afraid of Heights is set to be released on July 29 through The End/Warner Music Canada. For those who are enjoying the new track, it was officially uploaded onto iTunes for purchase on Friday morning (May 13). Afraid of Heights is the follow-up to the band’s fourth studio album, Dead Silence though in 2014 they released a greatest hits record titled, Hits.

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