Say Anything don’t ‘Give a Damn’ with new music video


Months after releasing their surprise new album, I Don’t Think It Is, Say Anything has returned to release their music video for “Give a Damn.” On Wednesday (May 11), the band’s new video exclusively premiered on Entertainment Weekly. The new music video, seems to be a direct dig at fans of the band (or any band) who spend their entire time complaining about how “they are not the same” and how “they miss their earlier work” as oppose to growing/changing with the group.

The video begins with a guy, laying in bed listening to some old Say Anything as the camera pans around the room to some framed vinyls of their albums and a Say Anything jersey. Like a true fan, he decides to purchase the new album, so he heads to the local record store to get it. After putting the record in the player, things seem to take a very unexpectant turn when the footage turns black and white and the guys life gets turned around as he goes to the “dark side.”

“The idea for the video was to explore the nature of growing to dislike or resent your favorite band over time because they no longer tie directly into your past experience of them,” explains frontman Max Bemis to the publication. “This happens with every band who has made more than one album and amassed any kind of fanbase. It’s certainly been the case with us at times. I tend to address this kind of thing directly, knowing it’s a very interesting, utterly silly phenomenon.”

Watch the video for “Give a Damn” below.

“Give a Damn” can be found on I Don’t Think It Is which was released earlier this year. In support of the new album, the group will be hitting the road with mewithoutYou, Museum Mouth + Teen Suicide. The complete list of tour dates can be found here.

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