Simple Plan channel the ’60s with new video


After days of teasing fans on social media, Simple Plan has finally released their music video for “Singing in the Rain.” On Tuesday (April 12), the Canadian band unveiled the music video which begins at a Battle of the Bands in 1964 and shows what happens when a group rises to the top so quickly. The video kicks off with the band setting up to play with no one showing an interest in them (well, minus two fangirls). As they begin to play  the song, people start getting up to dance and eventually a guy in a suit comes in and see dollar signs instead of the band.

As the video progresses, we watch the band sign to a record label (Atlantic Records, of course, Simple Plan’s home since their debut), go from playing small venues to bigger venues, and have to endure horrendous photo shoots. But like many bands that launch to number one so soon, we soon see them behind the long descend to rock bottom.

But while it seems to parody what happens to some bands, Simple Plan keeps it light and fresh in an email to fans.  “Today, we’re unveiling our new video ‘Singing In The Rain.’ Spring is almost here and we hope this will be the perfect song to welcome back the beautiful weather and make people smile!” the band write. “This is a song about being positive, overcoming obstacles and never letting anything bring you down.”

Watch the video for “Singing in the Rain” below.

“Singing in the Rain” is off of Simple Plan’s recently released record, Taking One for the Team. In support of the new album’s release, the group is currently in the middle of a tour. Though there seems to be a limited number of stops currently, the band do promise that more dates will be unveiled soon. Can we hope for a South Florida date?

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