Good Charlotte officially name new album


It might be April Fools’ Day, but we don’t think Good Charlotte is messing around with their fans. Earlier this week, the Maryland-based band announced the release date for their much-anticipated new album which came after months of teasing. Even though the band had given an exact date for the complete album;s debut, the band had withheld its title. On Friday (April 1), the pop-punk dudes announced the title of that new album.

Heading to PAPER Magazine, the five-piece confirmed that the new record will be titled Youth Authority. In addition to the name of the album, the group also released the cover art for their sixth studio record. The cover art was created as a collaboration between the band and artist Brian Montuori, who specializes in eye-popping collage work.

According to Benji Madden, the covert art “uses pieces of real GC history — including old show flyers and pictures — and combining them with his own paintings, Brian came up with an incredible piece of imagery that we all love. We share an affection for a scene, many bands, and we both come from a world where great album covers, fanzines, and old show flyers ruled. This album cover really strikes chord in all of us.”

Check out the cover art for Youth Authority below.


As previously reported, Youth Authority will be released on July 15, just in time for Good Charlotte’s long-awaited return to the Vans Warped Tour. Youth Authority marks the group’s first new album 2010’s Cardiology; the last record they released before embarking on their five-year hiatus.

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