The Maine release emotional video for “Am I Pretty?”


The Maine may be hitting the road this summer for the 2016 incarnation of the Vans Warped Tour, but just to get fans in the mood they’ve released a brand new music video. On Monday (March 28), the Arizona-based band released the music video for their track “Am I Pretty?” The video begins with emotional statements from people about their insecurities. The people’s issues include being overweight, coming out gay, living in cars as a child, being a mother at a young age, and many more.

Alongside the music video, The Maine frontman John O’Callaghan posted a letter to their fans about the song and video. Read O’Callaghan’s message below which is followed by the music video.

“You are beautiful because your eyes are different sizes and your lisp gets in between your tongue and teeth every time you try to say ‘something.’ You are beautiful because the scar under your chin looks like a spider and because you have a massive fear of heights. You are beautiful because there never has been, nor will there every be anyone else on this Earth like you. Because your flaws are like fingerprints and should be embraced just like the free will that resides inside. You are not beautiful because of the symmetry in the little squares on your telephone, you are beautiful because “you” are the only “you” this place will ever know.

-John C. O’Callaghan V.”

“Am I Pretty?” is featured on The Maine’s recently released album, American Candy.

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