Motion City Soundtrack announces indefinite hiatus

No guys, everything isn’t alright.

After being a band for almost 20 years, Motion City Soundtrack has announced that they will be breaking up. On Friday (March 11), the Minnesota-based band took to social media to announce the heartbreaking news. Their post on Twitter simply had the words “So Long, Farewell” and a link to a website. The link was a direct passage to the band’s Tumblr account which featured a letter to fans about the break up.

In the letter, they revealed that the plan to break up came after wrapping up their busy touring schedule late last year in support of 2015’s Panic Stations. In that time, they thought about the direction of the band and always came to the same conclusion; they weren’t sure in what direction the band was going. Instead of latching on in hopes of eventually figuring that question out, they decided it would be better to call it a day.

But instead of leaving their fans sad about the hiatus, Motion City did announce that they will head out on one final tour. “If you’ve ever been touched by our music, we ask you to come out and sing along with us one last time in 2016,” the band writes. Those final, upcoming tour dates will reportedly be announced this Monday, March 14. For now, you can read the band’s letter and in honor of their hiatus, watch the music video for “Everything is Alright.”

Hello, friends.

It has been a quiet winter for us. We’ve had some time at home after a very busy 2015. With this time, we’ve been able to think about the past, present, and future of Motion City Soundtrack. All of this thinking has led to several conversations, and these conversations have led us to a very bittersweet realization:

We have no idea what the future holds, but for now we are done.

Needless to say, we’re feeling all the feels – you may be as well. If so, or if you’ve ever been touched by our music, we ask you to come out and sing along with us one last time in 2016.

Please stay tuned for a very special final tour announcement on Monday. You can sign up to our email list HERE to be the first to hear the news. We really hope to see each and every one of you out there one more time.

Thanks for all the love over the years. It really means a lot to us – and it always will.

Josh, Justin, Jesse, Matt, and Tony


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