Gwen Stefani debuts new song from upcoming album


With a week left until the release of her much-anticipated, third studio album, Gwen Stefani has returned with another new track from it. On Thursday (March 10), the No Doubt frontwoman teased fans about a brand new song titled “Misery.” Less than an hour after the teasing, the song was unleashed to the public. While the name of the song may seem like it may be a somber, depressing track, it’s the opposite.

Very muck like her previous single, “Make Me Like You,” it’s upbeat and not at all what you expect it to be, though it does sound like a Stefani song. Listen to “Misery” below.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the singer admitted to what many gossip publications have speculated since her new record announcement; that the album’s songs are about her new relationship with fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton. “The record is happening in real-time,” explains Stefani. “I’ve never had a record that’s been about happiness, so that feels really good and different. And I’ve never had records come out while it’s going on.”

“Misery,” “Make Me Like You,” and “Used to Love You” are three of the 12 new tracks to be featured on This is What the Truth Feels Like. The new album is set to be released next Friday, March 18. This is What the Truth Feels Like is Stefani’s long-awaited follow-up to 2006’s The Sweet Escape.

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