A Day to Remember release music video for “Paranoia”

A couple of days after releasing their surprise new song, “Paranoia,” A Day to Remember has returned with the official music video for the song. On Friday (March 11), the group debuted the music video for the one-off track. The clip begins with frontman Jeremy McKinnon laying on a chair in a shrink’s office. While he speaks (more like sings the song), a black shadow passes across the wall. He also can’t seem to lay still.

The footage soon shifts over to the band playing under a bridge and then running away from something. At the time we aren’t quite sure what they are running away from until we see the dark shadow once more pass by them. Note: if you keep a close eye out, you might see several Alternative Press magazines in the homeless man’s cart which feature the Florida-based band on the cover. Check out the music video for “Paranoia” below.

As of now, it looks like “Paranoia” might be a one-off song to keep fans satisfied for the time being. In an interview on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show earlier this week, McKinnon repeatedly told the DJ that there is no surprise new record on the horizon for the band. While it looks like a full album may not be in the near future, a full tour is. The five-piece will be heading out on tour this spring. The tour includes a handful of music festivals and a lot of headlining gigs. Check out the full list of tour dates here.

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