Weezer visit past music videos for new clip


Weezer are back with yet another new song from their upcoming new album, The White Album. On Thursday (March 10), the California group released the music video for their latest track, “California Kids.” Instead of going forward with a brand new music video for the song, the band decided to take pieces of their previously released clips and combine them into one music video starring frontman Rivers Cuomo.

From “Thank God for Girls,” the group used a lot of the images from the lyrics video. Images from that video include the guy (Cuomo) sitting at a table in a bakery/restaurant, the picture of Jesus hanging behind him, the pretty waitress taking his order, and of course him stuffing his face (literally) with cannolis. From “King of the World,” the decided to simply pay homage by using black-and-white footage of some the guy (now Cuomo) running away and getting tackled to the sand by a cop. And from “LA Girlz,” we see that little Rivers has now grown up and is still hanging out with a female bodybuilder on the beach. Check out the music video below.

“California Kids” will join “LA Girlz,” “Do You Wanna Get High?,” “King of the World,” and lead single “Thank God for Girls,” on The White Album. The White Album is set to be released on April 1. In support of the new record, Weezer will be hitting the road with Panic! at the Disco and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness for a lengthy summer tour. The complete tour schedule can be seen here.


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