Garbage to release new album in June


Garbage is back. On Thursday (March 10), the group announced that they will be releasing a brand new album later this summer. The record will be titled Strange Little Birds and is set to be released on June 10. The upcoming album marks not only the band’s first new album in four years, but also their first to be released through their record label imprint, STUNVOLUME.

“The guiding principle was keeping it fresh, and relying on instinct both lyrically and musically,” said frontwoman Shirley Manson about the upcoming new record and its songs. “To me, this record, funnily enough, has the most to do with the first record than any of the previous records. It’s getting back to that beginner’s headspace.”

In support of the new record’s release, the group has announced that they will hit the European and United Kingdom touring circuit. Though the stops are only for locations across the pond, they do promise to add more dates to their tour itinerary.

The album art and track listing for Strange Little Birds can be seen below.


01. “Sometimes”
02. “Empty”
03. “Blackout”
04. “If I Lost You”
05. “Night Drive Loneliness”
06. “Even Though Our Love Is Doomed”
07. “Magnetized”
08. “We Never Tell”
09. “So We Can Stay Alive”
10. “Teaching Little Fingers to Play”
11. “Amends”

Garbage’s last album was 2012’s  Not Your Kind of People. Since that album’s release, the group had gone on a little hiatus; something they also did before the release of Not Your Kind of People. But not all has been quiet at Camp Garbage. Last year, they reissued their self-titled album in honor of the record’s 20th anniversary.

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