Lights announces acoustic album

Lights might currently be in the middle of the ocean as one of the many artists on the 2016 PARAHOY! cruise, but it sounds like she left some good news for her fans before boarding the ship. On Friday (March 4), the Canadian singer announced that she would be releasing a follow-up to her 2014 album, Little Machines. The upcoming record will be an acoustic album titled Midnight Machines and will feature six tracks from Little Machines as well as two new songs.

In honor of the announcement, the singer released the music video for her lead single, “Meteorites.” “Midnight Machines is more than just an acoustic record, it’s a complete reinvention of some of the songs from Little Machines. I worked with a string section and my band to create this ultra vibey, late night version. Making the video for ‘Meteorites’ was almost as interesting to work on because I had to learn the song backwards and sped up to create the slow surreality of the shots.”

Check out the music video for “Meteorites” below as well as the track list for Midnight Machines.


1. “Up We Go”
2. “Same Sea”
3. “Follow You Down”
4. “Meteorites”
5. “Don’t Go Home Without Me”
6. “Running With The Boys”
7. “Head Cold”
8. “Muscle Memory”
Midnight Machines is set to be released on April 8 through Warner Bros. Records. Pre-orders for the album are currently available on Lights’ website.

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