Foo Fighters Troll Everyone with ‘Official Announcement’

We’ve been trolled. The Foo Fighters are not breaking up. And to think, it’s not even April’s Fool Day yet. On Wednesday (March 2), after much speculation, buzz, and all around gossip, the Foo Fighters finally confirmed that they are not splitting up. When the New York Post’s Page Six posted an article earlier this week claiming that the band was indeed splitting up, everyone had something to say about it.

The band’s representative had told Entertainment Weekly the claims were “utterly ridiculous,” while the unidentified source told Page Six it was happening and that frontman Dave Grohl was going solo following his Oscars performance Instead of letting the speculations pan out, the band took to social media to announce that an “official announcement” about their relationship status would be made soon. As it turns out, all is good at camp Foo Fighters.

The “official announcement” was actually a 7-minutes clip that begins with several images of media publications that wrote about the band’s “inevitable break up.” Then, there is a brief clip of drummer Taylor Hawkins talking about the “disbandment” before the video changes to Grohl, sitting in a recording studio, discussing going solo. “Seeing as how the Academy Awards thing went so well, I got to thinking that maybe it’s time, ya know? Maybe it’s time for me to do my own thing,” he begins before discussing how he should go solo.

While Grohl is in his little world coming up with tracks for this fake album Phoney Baloney, the other members of the Foo Fighters are seen trying to revive the band. As the singer is creating his “solo music,” the rest of the group is brainstorming about who to recruit for the now-vacant spot. They throw out names like Diplo, Justin Bieber, Phil Collins (the original drummer), Gwen Stefani, and others. Check out what happen in the clip below.

While we feel embarrassed that we were one of the publications who was already planning the band’s eulogy, we’re definitely giving them props for trolling us. Serves us right for believing a gossip column.

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