Simple Plan Drop Post-Breakup Song “PS I Hate You”

If your name is Sophia and you’re thinking about breaking up with your significant other, get ready to get Simple Plan’s latest song dedicated to you several times. With only a couple of days left until the release of their fifth studio album, the Canadian band has released another new song from it. On Wednesday (Feb. 17), the pop-punk group premiered their post-breakup song, “PS I Hate You.”

It’s a scathing song about that person who did you wrong as well as all the good times and how at the end, it was all for the best that it came to an end. The song also gets a little vengeful when it says that they wish this Sophia chick gets her heart-broken like they did. Ouch. Listen to “PS I Hate You” below.

“PS I Hate You” joins a long list of songs that have already been released from Taking One for the Team. At this point, the band has released a total of six out of the 14 tracks from the album. “Opinion Overload,” “BOOM!,” “Farewell,” “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad,” and “Nostalgic” have already been released in full. Taking One for the Team is set to be released on Friday, Feb. 19 through Atlantic Records.

Like with every other track, those who pre-order the record before its release date will instant downloads of all the songs that have previously been released.

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